is a division of Sidnet Insignia Pvt Ltd. is the ecommerce platform and a close sibling of The Housewife Alliance, a community of housewives who aspire to become self-reliant and become budding entrepreneurs.

The Housewife is the most resilient and dedicated professional, driving her home home and family through thick and thin. No increments, no promotions, no earned leaves and no bonus. She earns love and respect and pays in the same currency. The Housewife Alliance unites all housewives on a single platform and celebrates their talents, their choices, their preferences, adds to their might and influence, shares their aspirations, dreams for a joyful and bright future for themselves and their loved ones!

The Housewife Alliance Facebook Page ( has an audience of more than 10,000 housewives, while The Housewife Alliance Facebook Group is a dedicated opt-in closed group of a thousand housewives, who are involved, participatory and engaged in multiple activities, forming a well-knit family. forms the platform of their aspirations where they can come and sell their own produce or even resell products to earn an income for themselves. In addition, The Shrimatee Premium Buy-and-Sell Group ( is also on a sibling platform, which provides an opportunity to women to sell and earn.

The enterprise is driven by seasoned professionals will deep experience in the internet industry, development sector as well as retail.